About Us


The F-M Community Bicycle Workshop is a community-run learning space, committed to the reclamation and distribution of recycled bicycles by providing tools, education and an inclusive space for all members of our diverse community. Through popular education we aim to promote the ideals of empowerment through self-reliance, sustainability, healthful living and anti-oppression politics in the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area.

Values And Beliefs

We believe that the simple act of building and riding a bicycle is a first step towards a more socially and economically equitable future for the Fargo-Moorhead communities, one to which every community member is capable of contributing. We believe that by providing a space staffed by experienced volunteers and educating community members on the art of bicycle maintenance, we are teaching people to believe in themselves and their community, thus empowering them to build on the connections they make in the shop and in the streets, riding their bikes. We are committed to being anti-racist, anti-sexist, class-conscious, and queer- and gender-inclusive, and believe that all oppressions are interrelated and any oppression is ultimately hurtful to all. We aim to provide an inclusive and accessible space that is aware of these oppressions and actively works to deal with them accordingly. We appreciate bicycles for all the things they symbolize: liberation, freedom, community, independence, transportation to a new life, a sustainable future and an equitable future.

Volunteer Run

The FMCBW is entirely volunteer run and always has room for more hands on deck! Mechanical experience is not required- bicycle maintenance can be taught! That’s why we’re here! Stop by on an open shop night to learn how you can get started or drop us an email at info(at)fmbikeworkshop.org. We also have a need for a variety of talents other then mechanics: photography, graphic design, outreach, office work, and more!

The F-M Community Bike Shop is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The F-M Community Bike Shop will serve a variety of basic bicycle-related functions:

Community WorkSpace - People can bring in their own bikes and work on them using shop tools, supplies and information resources as well as the assistance of knowledgeable volunteers, if needed.

Community Education – Skill sharing classes are being taught by qualified mechanics and riders on topics such as: roadside repairs, tools and basic in-shop procedures, wheel building and truing, road riding safety, riding to work, city bus rack usage, etc. We’ll keep you posted on the upcoming events on our “Home” page here.

Earn Shop Credit/Work Trade – Individuals can earn shop credits to be used towards shop parts or frames by volunteering their time and services. What type of work, the amount of time and the amount of credits earned will be predetermined by a core collective member. Typically, volunteering would consist of working in the Recycle-A-Bike program, cleaning the shop, collecting donations, or donating specialized non-bike services such as artwork, advertising, etc.